SHK Inning in Munich, Germany - LOTTO Thüringen EISARENA Oberhof, Germany - Hotel Draken in Göteborg, Sweden

    Newsletter I July 2021

LOTTO Thüringen Eisarena Oberhof, Germany

The new roofing of the LOTTO Thüringen EISARENA Oberhof is modern and elegant.  The pre-anodized aluminium roofing, based on our X-Flex Copper 20 - which resembles a "snake skin" due to its scale-like arrangement pattern, forms the final layer of the track roofing, which will give the entire facility a completely new look, not only with a view to the Luge World Championships from 23 - 29 January 2023.


DRAKEN Hotel Göteborg, Sweden

Product line : X-Wall

Color : Bronze B50 

Anodic layer thickness :  20 microns

Metal thickness : 3 mm

Architect : Erseus Arkitekter (Sweden)

The main quantity has been continuously anodized.  One specific dimension has been batch anodized due to the limited quantity (22 sheets of the specific width). 


SHK Inning Munich, Germany

The building of the SHK Inning in Munich, Germany, is another nice reference of our X-Flex Bronze B40 pre-anodized aluminium product. After anodizing, the material has been profiled thanks to the flexible layer.
The building is used as a training and workshop for the Guild of Plumbers, Sanitary and Heating Technology.

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