Newsletter I April 2021 


Anodised aluminium is most often associated with architectural applications, but anodising on thinner metal permits a wide range of industrial and decorative applications where the aspect of the surface is very critical because it can be viewed at very close distances. X-Deco can also be laminated on to other materials, such as wood. It is employed on high-end metallic luggage, kitchens and furniture.

Bulthaup kitchens

Authentic kitchens

Coil has been supplying X-Deco products over decades to Bulthaup. 

We have been creating the most authentic and genuine metallic colours such as Bronze B60, Bronze B30 and Decorative grey- 10 microns. So that we can ensure that the materials match the character of the space.

Denkinger interior design

Luxurious interior design

Coil provides Denkinger high-end applications for luxurious interiors.

There are mainly three colour variants of the aluminium furniture, Natural, Bronze B30 and Decorative grey – 10 microns with matt finishes. Finishing process of anodising ensures that the furniture fronts and furnitures parts remain permanently stable in their quality, colour and surface effect.


Expansion on social media

In February we started with our presence on the Pinterest channel @coilaloxide.

This enlarges our social media presence further to the channels including Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram.





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