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    Newsletter | September 2020

Curve - Paris

X-Bond G30C30

The Curve is getting finished.  This project is from the hands of Chartier Dalix, located in the ZAC Montjoie, Saint Denis (Paris, Fance).  

For this project, COIL has supplied its X-Bond 8 µm enhanced anodic layer, based on Rosegold G30C30.  The X-Bond product is used as outer skin for the ACP used at the facade.


Appartments in Shanghai

X-Wall Bronze B40

Shanghai, an impressive city.  Our X-Wall Bronze B40 product line has contributed to the construction of some luxury appartments.


Houses in Iceland

X-Flex Brush Copper 30

COIL has successfully entered the Iceland market with its X-Flex Brush Copper 30, used in the cladding and roof covering of houses.


Lillo Gard


X-3D and X-Wall Bronze 40

Our X-3 and X-Wall products have been used in an housing project in Norway consisting out of 420 appartments.  

The X-3D product line has been used in the balconies, where the material has been perforated prior to vertical anodising.  The non-perforated material has been anodised on our horizontal anodizing lines.  A nice example of how state of the art metal quality and anodising of 2 different metal gauges can be combined harmonously.  

Hongtu Innovation Plaza


X-Wall Natural

Shenzhen, located in the South-East of China, is a rapidly evolving city with an impressive skyline.  Hongtu Innovation Plaza, currrently under construction, is getting cladded with our X-Wall Natural, 15 microns anodic layer thickness.  The interior will also be made out of anodised aluminium, based on our X-Wall Bronze 30 product.

Bro Upkot Ghent


X-Bond Bronze B10

Bro Upkot Ghent, Belgium, is a new and sustainable student housing tower of the Artevelde highschool and Upkot.  Student houses for 311 students in a 60 meters highrise building.  The tower upgraded the Ghent skyline ! 

COIL has contributed to this project with its X-Bond Bronze B10 product, used in the ACPs for outer cladding.  

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