X-Bond is our brandname for 0,5 mm pre-anodized aluminum with application the outer skin of ACP. With this newsletter, we want to highlight some of the references.

    Newsletter I June 2020


X-Bond offers a highly decorative, non-combustible and corrosion-resistant finish suited for all laminating applications.  Thanks to an enhanced anodic layer, the backside withstands the hot gluing process employed in the manufacture of aluminium composite panels (ACP).  This is combined with a special sealing process on the exposed surface which permits it to offer excellent resistance from fading, corrosion or failure even if it is generally employed on thin-gauge aluminium.  Available in a standard mill finish, brush and brite finish.

For outdoor applications, the material is typically based on 0,5 mm metal thickness, combined with an 8 microns enhanced anodic layer.


SEECEL, Zagreb (Croatia)

SEECEL is the South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning.  The HQ has been cladded, based on our X-Bond Brite natural product.

Carlton, Bangkok (Thailand)

For this iconic landmark hotel, our X-Bond Brush Copper 30 has been chosen.


Zhongjun Plaza, Shanghai (China)

Based on our X-Bond Rosegold G30C30 color.

Westluidense Poort, Tiel (The Netherlands)

A parking area cladded with X-Bond Gold G30.

250 City Road, London (UK)

A landmark development designed by world renowned architects Foster + Partners.  The cladding is based on X-Bond Brush Bronze B85.

Under construction

Some projects under construction.

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