Newsletter I March 2021 


The flexible anodic film developed in the continuous coil anodising process means that surface is ideally for roll-forming after anodising without losing any of the benefits of the aspect or surface uniformity or protection. It can be used to create corrugated or profiled sheets. By creating a three-dimensional metallic surface, the play on light can be used to dramatic effect on large surfaces without complex fabrication or fixing. It is typically combined with a metal subtrate from the AW 3xxx series.

Koge Nord station, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Koge Nord Station is a traffic hub in Copenhagen and it is a distictive landmark for green mobility. The project consist of a natural colour anodised layer of 5 micron aluminium with a rouger expression. The aluminium sheets match the materials of the surrounding infrastuctural system and the bridge provides for a 18O-degree panoramic view of the traffic lines and landscape.

ADMI AHOI adminiralitätsstrasse, Hamburg (Germany)

This buildings roof has been cladded with x-Flex 5µm copper 30 aluminium product. The pre-anodized aluminium coils have been transformed into standing seam profiles.

Kunstcampus, Antwerpen (Belgium)

The new building was designed from the inside out, so that the inner logic of the building can be read directly on the outer walls. high glass windows form a continuous horizontal glass band.  Between the horizontal glass bands, bronze-B50 aluminium sheets with vertical channels were placed  with an anodised layer of 5 microns.

Fire station Biberach an der Riss (Germany)

The fire station is located in an industrial area not far from the city centre. The exterior of the building has been cladded with our X-Flex 5µm bronze B40 anodised product.


Expansion on social media

In Febrary we started with our presence on the Pinterest channel @coilaloxide.

This enlarges our social media presence further to the channels including Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram.





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