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    Newsletter | May 2022

Hongtu Plaza, Shenzhen, China

Project update

We received some new pictures about the Hongtu Plaza project in Shenzhen, China.

For this project, we supplied our X-Wall Standard Mill Finish in Natural and Bronze B30; with an anodic layer thickness of 15 microns; based on a 3 mm EN AW 5005-H14 metal substrate.

Interesting to see is the influence of the directionality on the color perception.  Take a closer look  at above picture and look to the panels that have been positioned under angles, and you will notice the difference.  Here the directionality has been made on purpose, but it is something to keep in mind when designing a façade.


Coil, already 50 years in business

It all started in 1972...

In 1972, it all started with one production line in Landen, Belgium.  Over the years, the numbers of production lines increased.  And since 2005, we also produce in Bernburg, Germany.  During all these years, we established to make a nice portfolio of reference projects.  And don't forget important milestones such as the delivery of ca. 1.200 tons of pre-anodized aluminium for the Dalian International Conference Center in China, the development of our Brite surface or the X-Bond productline for the outer skin of aluminium composite panels to be used outdoor.   Just to name a few of the milestones.

The picture on the right shows one of the important X-Bond references, based on Rosegold Color : the Curve project in Paris, France.

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STIM Lofoten, Norway

Our pre-anodized aluminium gets used around the globe, even in very remote regions like the Lofoten Islands, the upper North of Norway.

In this project, our X-Wall Brite in 3 mm gauge gets combined with X-Bond Brite in 0,5 mm gauge.  

The building for Stim at Leknes on the Lofoten Islands will house a future-oriented laboratory for the production of bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are an important weapon in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and play an important role in animal health at sea, and possibly in humans as well.


Scandic Sortland Hotel, Norway

Welcome to the Scandic Sortland Hotel in Norway and admire the exterior cladding based on our X-Bond Brush Natural color which got transformed into Aluminium Composite Panels.  

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