Villa in Geneva with Brite finish; Hotel in Muri and X-Bond realisation in Egypt

    Newsletter I August 2021

CASPAR, das drei Häuser Hotel

The project , located in Muri, Switzerland,  is currently under construction.  Our X-Flex Bronze 30 product is used for the roof and the window sills. 

By the end of 2021, the hotel will welcome its guests.  

The design is from the hands of the Swiss architect Tilla Theus.  The task was the renovation, conversion and new construction of the Adler and Ochsen hotels and restaurants with the target to enlarge the 2 traditional establishments to meet the needs of the local population and regional economy, comprehensively modernising them and leading them into a sustainable future.

Some details about the product used :

Product description : X-Flex - Standard Mill Finish - Bronze 30

Alloy and temper : EN AW 3003-H24

Metal gauge : 1 mm

Anodic layer thickness : 5 microns


Villa in Geneva, Switzerland

As COIL we have experience in supplying various project sizes, from small to very largescale.  

In this private project, the customer brought X-Wall Brite and X-Bond Brite together.  Not all references have to be huge, isn't it ?


5A by The Waterway

X-Bond is one of our rapidly growing product lines and is now being installed on our first reference in Egypt.

5A by The Waterway is situated in one of the most prime locations available in New Cairo.  For the facade, X-Bond Bronze 20 has been chosen, transformed into ACP.

It is the biggest administrative and commercial complex developed by the Waterway.  Total land area is 35.000 sqm with 8 buildings, all connected with sky bridges.

The project will house office spaces, designed for a wide variety of business interests, allowing a mix of small companies and large corporations in the same state-of-the-art commercial setting.


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