In this newsletter, we highlight 2 new references : The Nest in Ulriksdal and Kulturkvarteret in Örebrö

    Newsletter | May  2020

The Nest

The project

COIL has supplied the cladding materials for the project The Nest, located in Ulriksdal in Solna.

The base is an eight-storey car park with entrances from two levels and spaces for about 475 cars.  On top of that, there are two floors with a gym and fitness facility.  A third floor includes offices.  

The property is to be completed in 2020.

The design is from the hand of Scheiwiller Svensson / Gatun Arkitekter.  The general contractor is Peab AB.

COIL's Gold 30 - 15 µm anodic layer applied on 1 mm gauge metal has been transformed into rollformed profiles by our customer LW Sverige.  Thanks to its flexible layer, Aloxide (COIL's brand name for COIL's anodic layer) can undergo this rollforming operation.  The cladding is around 4.500 m2.


Kulturkvarteret Örebrö


The project

Kulturkvateret Örebrö will include a public library, a lecture hall, and a cultural school with spaces for music and dance. The lobby will contain a large multiple stage, with a flexible stage and sliding bleachers for activities such as rehearsals, concerts and lectures.

The design has been created by the architecture office Winghardhs Arkitekter.  General contractor is NCC.

Construction has started in the Autumn of 2018 and the project is expected to be complete in the Spring of 2021.

COIL has contributed to this project with its X-Bond Brite Natural project; which is suited for the Production of Aluminium Composite Panels for outdoor use.  

Our customer Alubond Europe has made the aluminium composite panels, being processed further by LW Sverige.  The total cladding is around 8.000 m2.


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