The Ambassadors & Youth Ambassadors are busier than ever!


After 3 years of advocacy activities and attending European and International level events, the next phase of the Ambassadors programme is being launched this week!

The incredible work achieved by the Ambassadors inspired many more activists to take part to the programme to make their voices heard worldwide. It is with great pride that we will keep working with a new generation of activists from all FGM-affected communities!

Sister Fa: the hip-hop Queen against FGM

Fatou or ‘Sister Fa’ has been working on putting an end to FGM since 2007. She is a passionate and committed activist who started as a CHANGE Agent with our member TERRE DES FEMMES, and who uses her music to raise awareness on social and political themes focusing on women’s rights. 

She is a long standing Ambassador of the End FGM European Network and we cannot thank her enough for always bringing her passion and energy to the fight against FGM. 

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Ambassadors have their say at the General Assembly

For 3 years, Fatimata and Dieynaba - who are committed to the fight against FGM with our member Equipop - have been powerful volunteers of the Ambassadors Programme. We were more than happy to welcome them to the 5th anniversary celebrations of the End FGM European Network and its Annual General Meeting in April 2019. 

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Inspiring Youth Ambassadors! 

Our Youth Ambassadors never stop to impress us! During the first half of this year 2019 they took part in several initiatives both at European and national level engaging other youth, professionals and the broader public to raise awareness on the issue of gender-based violence and FGM. They are such an inspiring group of young advocates and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

Advocating for girls rights and healthcare

Hamdi (FSAN) and Sameara (Forward) participated in an EWAG action around the International Day for Women's Rights of the 8th of March. They recorded a video directed to Spitzenkandidaten (candidates to the Presidency of the EU Commission), asking them what they will do for girls if they are elected. 

Watch Frans Timmermans answer to Hamdi here: 

Watch Sameara's video:

Hamdi also made four house visits with FSAN, raising awareness on healthcare where she also explained what is FGM and its different forms, its consequences and how to provide healthcare for women and girls who underwent the practice. 

Hamdi participated in a TV show called Majesty TV on June 23, to talk about her activism as a youth to end FGM:

When youth support each other

Last April the co-chairs of the Youth Hub, Hamdi (FSAN) and Aicha (Equipop), participated in the celebrations of the 5thanniversary of the End FGM European Network as well as our General Assembly. 

Aicha also gave a class about FGM in a nursing school. She is also continuing her work together with her youth group based in Orleans, with whom she organised an exhibition in a school that was visited by children and their families. Together they are planning a trip to Fuerteventura where they will be welcomed by a charity working with migrant teenagers and are further organising a conference which will be held there during August.

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Sharing life experience in Portugal

Fatucha (APF) was invited by the Ubuntu Leaders Academy in Portugal, where she is a trainer, to share her personal life story of being an FGM survivor and to explain the work she has been doing as an End FGM European Network Youth Ambassador. 

Music festival in France

Salamata and Aïcha helped Equipop with the organisation of the Solidays Festival. Solidays festival is organized by the charity AIDS SOLIDARITY. The proceeds from the festival are donated to organisations fighting against AIDS, especially for those focusing on the African continent.

Celebrating Eid and 

women's rights

Veronique (FSAN) organised a meeting with people from different African background around women’s rights during the first week of Eid, followed by food cooked by her.

Interacting with the media

Hadeel (Forward) was invited on the show METAMETA on Platform B, radio where she talked about an exhibition she hosted in 2018 on sexual gender-based violence. She also talked about her involvement as an activist to end FGM with Forward. 

Listen to the show:
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