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We hope this newsletter finds you rested after summer and as excited as we are for the rest of the year. 

These past months have been busy for us at End FGM EU. We launched the first European interactive map on FGM; we created a video highlighting community voices about FGM and religious and racist discrimination;  we got together at our General Assembly and welcomed 3 new Members to the Network...and many other great achievements! You can read all about them in this newsletter.

These months have also been eventful for our Secretariat. Firstly, we want to thank Chiara Cosentino, our fantastic Head of Policy and Advocacy, who is now leaving the Network for new adventures. We are proud of everything we have achieved together and wish her all the best for her future endeavours. Additionally, the End FGM EU team is welcoming three new members: Mereb, Elena and Fabienne. Learn about them below! 

As always, we thank you for supporting our work. Enjoy your read and keep in touch!

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The End FGM European Network

Three organisations joined the End FGM European Network!

This year, End FGM EU welcomes three new associate members joining our network of now 32 organisations across 15 countries in Europe. We are very happy to welcome Diotima (Greece), Femmes Entraide et Autonomie (France) and Women's Right Foundation (Malta) to the Network.

?Updates from the Secretariat!

Our wonderful Head of Policy and Advocacy, Chiara Cosentino, left the organisation in August after over 4 years of outstanding work as part of the End FGM EU Secretariat. Read about all the things we achieved in  Policy and Advocacy over the years here.

We are also welcoming new team members in the Secretariat:

  • Mereb Habte has joined the team as a European Corpse Volunteer, as part of the Programmes team, she supports our efforts towards understanding the needs of FGM-affected communities in Europe and helps us uplift their voices. Read Mereb's bio here.
  • Elena Achótegui Sebastián is our new Communications and Events Assistant and works to support the organisation of events and the production of communication content and materials. Read Elena's bio.
  • Finally, the Secretariat welcomes Fabienne Ducaud as Operations & Administration Officer. She will be facilitating the management of the daily operations and administrative systems and procedures for the Network. Read Fabienne's bio here.

Our Annual Campaign theme for Pride Month 

Our 2021 #EndFGM4All Campaign is all about intersectionality, and it explores nine different topics around it. Click HERE to read about the Campaign.

During the summer, June was dedicated to celebrating Pride Month! We explored the intersections between LGBTI and FGM-affected communities and the need for spaces to address the specific challenges that people with both these identities face.

LGBTI and FGM issues are related and we believe this is an important conversation to have, so we created an infographic together with ILGA Europe!

Click to see our FGM & LGBTI infographic

A short video to hear community voices talk about FGM, Islamophobia and racism

We talked to community activists about Female Genital Mutilation, why they work to end it and how religious and racial discriminations play into this. A big thank you to all of them for sharing their expertise on these topics with us!

Watch the video »

End FGM EU Ambassadors Update!

Our Ambassadors have been busy during the summer months! Read all about their latest activities.

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Understanding Community Voices

In 2019, End FGM EU was awarded a project under the European Solidarity Corps: Understanding Community Voices in Europe. This project will attempt to showcase the work done by activists and members of community-centred organisations to influence policy and legislation, shift attitudes and break stigmas.

Read more about this »

FGM in Europe Interactive Map!

In May, End FGM EU launched our interactive map on FGM in Europe! This interactive map includes all the information we have gathered on laws, policies, services and data collection on FGM in the 14 European countries where End FGM EU has members.

Explore the Map »

Human Rights Council- High Level Panel Discussion on FGM

End FGM EU Director, Anna Widegren moderated the High-level panel discussion of the Human Rights Council on the prevention of and response to female genital mutilation, in Geneva.

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The Mind the Gap Project

End FGM EU is taking part in Mind the Gap, the project tackling gender stereotypes in education - coordinated by our Member AIDOS. We are currently producing a guide on "How to avoid gender bias in teaching".

Read about Mind the Gap »

Coming in October: The European Week of Actions for Girls 

EWAG 2021 is coming! EWAG was created to give girls & young women from all over the world the possibility to speak to decision makers about their needs, ideas and ambitions. This year's events and activities will soon be announced! 

EWAG on Instagram »

Watch out for: Our European Awareness Raising Campaign for the CHAIN Project 

End FGM EU with the support of Chain partners, created two videos - one on FGM and one on EFM - targeting affected communities. The short animated videos will aim at raising awareness amongst affected communities on the consequences of both practices and why they should be given up. We will be launching the videos online in early October! 

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AIDOS - “Building Bridges” between Africa and Europe to stop FGM

In April and May, AIDOS launched two animated videos in the framework of the "Building Bridges between Africa and Europe" project trying to answer questions such as "What is female genital mutilation?"; "What is a social norm?" ; "What is gender inequality?"

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APF - End FGM Youth Ambassadors in Portuguese Parliament

Fatucha Banora and Ana So, Youth Ambassadors of the End FGM European Network, were invited to the Portuguese Parliament to talk about their work and the difficulties experienced in combating this harmful practice.

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GAMS - New French & Dutch versions of the guide “Genital mutilation: addressing common myths and misconceptions”

The guide addresses 13 myths and misconceptions often heard by the field teams in the course of their work and it has now been translated into French & Dutch in its newest version. 

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MIGS - Findings of the ARTEMIS research study on the implementation of the European Protection Order in Cyprus and 4 EU countries

As part of the ARTEMIS  Project, our member, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) together with its partners produced a final research report on the implementation of the European Protection Order in 5 European countries.

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Terre des femmes - Chain project second consortium meeting and Community trainers introductions

On 22 and 23 June 2021, the second consortium meeting of the two-year EU project CHAIN took place. On Instagram, Terre des Femmes introduced Isatou, Muhammed, Habiba and Clément, all CHAIN community trainers.

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UNAF - One Step beyond: 'Urgent agenda against FGM

UNAF dedicated this year’s International Conference to debate on the key policies and measures needed to advance the promotion of Women and Girl's rights. The event was held online and counted with the participation of international panellists and more than 200 participants. 

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AkidwA - Awareness Raising Events

AkiDwa has been active during the past 6 months, organising fundraising events and online conferences and webinars, as well as other activities to keep raising awareness and providing support services. 

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LESSAN e.V., FEA, and Terre des Femmes - Two years of "Men Standing Up For Gender Equality"

The project "Men Standing Up For Gender Equality" led by LESSAN e.V. with Femmes Entraide et Autonomie (FEA) and TERRE DES FEMMES counted 30 men trained as CHANGE mediators against gender-based violence, FGM/C, and EFM. They also organised awareness-raising and educational activities in their communities.

Read more about the project's achievements »

Report on Asylum laws, policies and practices and FGM

This summer, we released a report on the impacts of Asylum laws, policies and practices on FGM-affected women and girls in seven EU countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

The report was done in collaboration with our internal Asylum Working Group. Read it now to see the trends, differences and promising practices around FGM in these countries!

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Generation Equality Forum - Policy Briefing

On 30 June 2021, on the occasion of the Paris Generation Equality Forum, together with our partners of the Global Platform for Action to end FGM/C, we came together with a united voice to make sure the priorities and key issues tackled by Action Coalition 1 were also taking into consideration the specificity of ending FGM and supporting FGM survivors.

Read our Policy Brief »

'Glocal' Voices: Feminist Blogging Reconstructing Political Participation - A thesis by Dr Kaili

Dr Christina Kaili, who works for our Member MIGS, has just published her PhD thesis on the strategies of feminist blogging to mobilise global collective action around local human rights violations. The thesis focuses on the blogs of ten women in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen, in the context of the 2011 Arab uprisings. 

Read the thesis »

Mumkin App - an AI to help have difficult conversations about FGM

Mumkin is a free app to practise having difficult conversations about gender, culture and society. The Mumkin app is all about the power of conversations to create change - and it was developed in collaboration with our friends at Sahiyo!

Mumkin's Website »
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