Dear Friends,

Autumn is now in full swing and we are busier than ever!

Today, we want to share with you the main things we have been up to since the summer as well as share some news from our Members! We have organised and taken part in many events, including the second part of our General Assembly, the 13th edition of the Child Rights Forum, and the European Week of Actions for Girls (EWAG). As most events are in 2020, they all took place online and many amazing ideas, promising practices and discussions were shared. Our Autumn will continue to be full of these stimulating events, and we do hope to "see" you all there!

Many of our long-standing projects are coming to a close: Let’s Change had its final conference in September, while the Gender ABC project and the Purple Chair series are also ending soon. This is a time to double up our efforts to finish these long-lasting projects on a great note.

We also want to take this opportunity to introduce to you a new team member: Hani Diriye, European Solidarity Corps volunteer. She will work closely with us on understanding and supporting the work of community-based organisations fighting FGM. We look forward to seeing everything that we will achieve together!

All of these exciting things and more are in this Autumn edition of the newsletter, enjoy your reading!

The End FGM European Network

General Assembly - Part 2

On 22 September, the End FGM European Network held the second part of its 2020 General Assembly. It was entirely dedicated to our Members sharing with each other their work, ideas and experiences. In the morning, different Members and Ambassadors had their own parallel sessions, where they talked about sexual education, community engagement, the access to services, the relationship between men & FGM, and child protection services. In the afternoon, our Advocacy Team organised an advocacy workshop for all the Members.

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Free online training 

for European Journalists

We are hosting an online interactive training on How to Report on FGM. It will be a 2.5 hours training & will give journalists the tools and knowledge to cover FGM in a way that will educate the public, provide accurate narratives and facts, and avoid stigmatisation. The training will be delivered in English, by Serena Fiorletta (AIDOS), Dr Amina Easat-Daas, and Leyla Hussein OBE. It will be facilitated by Celine Fabrequette.

Share THIS link with journalists that could be interested in the training!

#GirlsConnect during #EUGirlsWeek in 2020!

For the eighth time, the coalition of nine Civil Society Organisation joined forces to organise the European Week of Action for Girls (EWAG), a week-long programme of events and activities, based around the International Day of the Girl Child, on Friday, 11 October. A group of close to 30 young advocates, from Europe and Africa, connected online to share their recommendations with European Union decision-makers!

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User-friendly Advocacy Toolkit 

In 2020, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration, an important milestone in the fight for women's rights and Gender Equality. End FGM EU's Advocacy Team created the Advocacy Toolkit on Beijing Platform for Action implementation to help you check if your governments complied to what they agreed to do 25 years ago, related to FGM.

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Are you curious about how you can help spread the word on FGM & the myths surrounding it?

Our 2020 Annual Campaign is all about debunking myths and misconceptions about FGM! 

#endFGMmyths focuses on tackling a different myth about FGM and its harmful consequences on women's lives every month.
Check out our Campaign page to find out how YOU can get involved!

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Gender ABC getting back 

to school in style!

During the past months, Gender ABC had a complete restyling! While some of the partners are getting back to schools, we are also organising exciting things for the following months!

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A new addition to the Secretariat!

End FGM EU's Secretariat has a new addition: Hani Diriye. She is the European Solidarity Corps volunteer and will be working to implement the project "Understanding and supporting the work of community based organisations". 

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#ThePurpleChair: Watch & Learn with our Youth Ambassadors!

During the past months, the Youth Ambassadors filmed, edited and published 10 videos in the YouTube Series #ThePurpleChair, that covers extremely important topics to them. 

Some examples? Domestic violence, Feminism & Activism, How to access support and many more!

If you didn't already watch the Series (or also if you did, but you feel ready for a rewatch) & don't know where to start, take our quiz to find out what video you should watch first!

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Let's CHANGE - Closing a two-year project on preventing FGM in Europe

On 15 September, it took place the final conference of the two-year project Let’s CHANGE (co-financed by the European Union): "How to overcome challenges in ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the European Union (and beyond)?". The conference included three different workshops with CHANGE Agents on the role of key professionals, care & support services and community empowerment.

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A Webshop on the importance of involving young people in Portugal

Our Portuguese Youth Ambassadors, Ana Aua Só and Fatu Banora, organised an Online Workshop on the importance of involving young people from the affected communities in the fight against FGM, and promoted the publication of the Portuguese version of the Youth Engagement Manifesto.

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AIDOS - Busy during the summer & back to school period

Our italian Member, AIDOS, has been working hard throughout the summer and back to school period. 

AIDOS presented the new UNFPA 2020 Report, participated in the organisation of an International Stakeholder Dialogue and is also completing the MED-RES project.

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FLHR - New study on Finnish Somali men's awareness and perceptions of FGM

Our Member, the Finnish League for Human Rights, published a study on Finnish Somali men's awareness and perceptions of FGM. It is based on qualitative data consisting of interviews with 29 Finnish Somali men living in the Helsinki region, in Finland.

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Our Ambassadors getting the word out!

During the past months, our Ambassadors continued to spread awareness on FGM! Three of them had their own panel at our General Assembly, while two of them spoke during interesting online events! 

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Online dialogue on "Preventing and Responding to FGM in Emergency and Humanitarian Contexts"

On 7 October, GAMS Belgium, AIDOS and End FGM EU launched a month-long online dialogue on "Preventing and Responding to FGM in Emergency and Humanitarian Contexts" with around 80 experts from all over the world taking part. The dialogue will be about  how to maximise our efforts towards ending FGM and better support services for women and girls affected by the practice in emergency and humanitarian settings.
At the end, the resulting recommendations to donors and governments will be presented on 12 November in a final Webinar!

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A virtual Symposium by the King's College London

On 15 October, there was the first session of a virtual Symposium on "Patriarchal Inscriptions on Women’s Bodies", organised by the King’s College London. End FGM EU participated with Equality now and the US Network in the panel discussion "Mobilizing a Robust Global Narrative to Dismantle Socially and Politically Constructed Racial, Cultural, and Geographical Boundaries within FGM Discourse".
We presented the report "FGM/C: A Call For A Global Response" and provided an overview of our initiatives and research.

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Zoom Workshop by the North America & Europe Caucus NGO/CSW

The North America & Europe Caucus organised a Zoom Workshop scheduled for Friday, 23 October, at 16:00 (Brussels time), to which our Head of Policy and Advocacy will participate. In honour of International Day of the Girl Child, the event will address the current problems affecting girls at risk of FGM and Child Marriage in North America, Europe and beyond. 

If interested, write to us & we will send the link to join the Workshop!

The WISH Platform for Refugees

The WISH (Welcome, Integration & Support Hub for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Europe) Platform for Refugees aims at mapping the associations that offer support to migrants in Europe. It is a ESC project launched in October 2018 and it will:

  • Enable refugees and asylum seekers to find sources of support and assistance; 
  • Help the various European volunteering initiatives to provide better information and to facilitate communication between themselves and the people they wish to help.

We think this is a great initiative that comes to fill a gap in services for refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. It is important that the information on available support is easily accessible to them!

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