This is the very last newsletter you have received in the 2010-2019 decade, so enjoy it till its last word! 

Thank you to our members - the old and the new ones - for making this Network stronger than ever, to our counterparts for being a consistent source of inspiration and finally to our funders - the European Commission, the Wallace Foundation and the Sigrid Rausing Trust - for your continuous support.

Let's make 2020 the beginning of the decade during which Female Genital Mutilation will be completely and totally eradicated. 

Feministly yours, 

The End FGM European Network

Sharing knowledge on FGM and using non-stigmatising language

On December 2, the End FGM European Network, in collaboration with the World Solidarity Forum, organised a seminar and a learning session on Female Genital Mutilation and the way we address and talk about the issue. The event gathered NGOs, media experts and policy advisers. It was also the opportunity to share our two new publications: "Addressing common myths and misconceptions" and "How to Talk About FGM". 

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The new generation of Ambassadors has arrived!

This second generation includes 11 Ambassadors who are bringing with them their energy and expertise to end FGM! Our first face-to-face meeting was made of a lot of questions, dialogues and laughs. Psychotherapist and social activist against FGM Leyla Hussein, was present on the first day of training to introduce the Ambassadors to self-care, emotional well-being and mental health.

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#MyVoiceMatters Conference in London: exchanging knowledge

We co-organised our annual conference with FORWARD this year. The event focused on acknowledging the importance of engaging with young activists specifically to end FGM and gender-based violence. Sister Fa highlighted the need to build bridges between Europe and all communities practising FGM on all continents, while Wedad Almizori brought the difficulties of engaging with Kurdish communities. 

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ICPD+25: moving from conversation to increased action

In November, the Kenyan capital Nairobi played host to a three-day summit to mark 25 years since the landmark International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). Fiona Coyle - Director of the End FGM European Network - was there and gives us her takeaways. 

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Sneak peek at the activities of the new Ambassadors  

Aminata Bah is committed to involving the Guinean communities in the fight against FGM. 

Isatou Barry focuses on building bridges between Germany and The Gambia, calling on the young generations to get involved in the fight. 

The artist Sister Fa is pursuing her work in Senegal where she shares about how she uses music to raise awareness on FGM.  

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Peace and development in Egypt: FGM is a global issue 

“The Peace and Development Makers Forum” took place in Egypt, this November 2019 and was attended by our Programme Officer Isma Benboulerbah. She highlighted the importance of including gender-based violence and FGM in conversations on peace and development, and emphasised the importance of education and trust. 

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Youth Ambassadors: video-producing training in London

The Youth Ambassadors gathered in London for a week, to receive training on video producing for their soon-coming YouTube channel called The Purple Chair! Meanwhile, they are also busy advocating at national and international level, bringing up youth voices into the debate on international women's rights and making sure their generation has a seat at the table! 

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Finland: involving men in the fight against FGM

Fatima Awil - Advocacy Officer of the End FGM European Network - spoke at a seminar that took place in Helsinki, Finland on ending FGM and the role of men and boys from the Somali community. She then gave a training to two Somali staff Suado and Abdirizak, from the Finnish League of Human Rights. 

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